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We are looking to fill the following positions:

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Additional ways you can get involved with the campaign:

  • Sign the Petition
  • Forward email newsletters to other interested parties.
  • Recruit followers via email or through social networks.
  • Visit and comment on content, such as news stories, videos, or viral campaigns.
  • Put up yard signs.
  • Request a small donation in response to an outside event.
  • Request a donation for a specific promotion.
  • Attend campaign events.
  • Volunteer at local offices.
  • Work a phone bank.
  • Connect with neighbors via door-to-door canvassing or hosting events.
  • Create or submit their own content such as blog posts or online videos.
  • Notify others about absentee ballots and rules.
  • Provide rides to voters who cannot get to the polls.
  • Requests for volunteers to drive voters to the polls.
  • Get Out The Vote!

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