Balanced Budget Amendment

National polling shows 83% of Americans want to vote for a Balanced Budget Amendment. Tracy Jennings is committed to deficit reduction which currently stands at 25 trillion dollars and will be a tremendous burden for future generations if not addressed.

Collective Bargaining

Tracy Jennings is a former member of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), and is committed to fighting for livable wage jobs and protecting union workers collective bargaining agreement rights.

Criminal Justice

Tracy Jennings is committed to structural changes in our criminal justice system that will bring about equity and equal justice for all Americans regardless of race, religion, sexual-orientation or the color of their skin.

  • Repeal – The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994.
  • End – Mandatory Minimum sentencing.
  • End – Qualified Immunity for police officers.
  • Enforce – Whistleblower protection laws for police officers reporting misconduct.
  • Establish – Clear guideline on rules of engagement on the use of lethal force.


Tracy Jennings is committed to a strong public education system. As a product of the Chicago Public School System and a graduate of Northern Illinois University, he will work toward restoring public education to meet the needs of the people and not line the pockets of billionaires who have hijacked public education.

  • End public schools operating as test-taking factories and promote experiential learning.
  • Invest in teachers by developing appealing incentives to retain & recruit first-class teachers.
  • Invest & educate students on college alternatives {Trade, Military service, etc.}.
  • Increase student readiness for life upon graduation from high school.

Fiscal Accountability

Tracy Jennings is committed to being transparent with the taxpayer’s dollars and promises to run the 7th Congressional District with great efficiency and return money to the US Treasury helping pay down the national debt.

Small Business

Tracy Jennings is a former small business owner who is committed to cutting through the red tape to allow business owners greater access to working capital.

  • Federal grants
  • Federal loans

Term Limits

The American voters overwhelmingly support placing term limits on members of Congress, but the career-politicians have been tone deaf to this request. Tracy Jennings is committed to term limits and will return the Congress back to Citizen Legislator.

Finding Out What Matters to You

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